There’s No Telling When You’ll Fall

The heart isn’t sentient. It’s merely an organ that works 24/7, fueling the body with plasma, unaware that the mind superimposes idealistic fantasies of a thing called love upon it.

Love. Some revel in its intoxicating delusion, forsaking all logic and blaming it on the oblivious heart while the mind grows weak. 

Love. A mystical and illusive creation, but created by whom, and why? I searched endlessly for the answer to this cruel puzzle, vowing to break the world free of its deception.

 Yet, in my pursuit I was blindsided. First with a smile, then with genuine friendship and trust. I found myself falling beyond my arrogant perception of what I believed to be real and into the wondrous arms of truth. Furthermore, the skipping of my heart leads me to believe that it, too, is aware of what’s developing.

Love, my love, has found me. It isn’t fictional. It was waiting for me all along, I was just too blind and stubborn to see it. Yet, love and time are such remarkable forces that when they merge together, there’s no telling when you’ll fall under their joint influence. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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