Welcome to my cyber-home!

I’m Shykia. Some of you may know me from one or more social networks, others may know me from my old blogs or my debut novel, Camileon. If you’re among those who don’t know me at all, this is the perfect place to change that! It’s been long overdue for me to create an author website. I’ve finally done it and I’m so glad you’ve come to visit! On this site you’ll find information regarding my latest labor of love, CAMILEON: BEYOND THE VEIL.

I’ll also be sharing the valuable lessons I’ve learned during my literary journey as well as tips I wish were available to me when I first got started. My words are one of my most precious gifts and it is my dream to utilize them to provide my readers with a temporary escape from reality while arming them with a sense of possibility, strength and determination to cope once they return. I look forward to our joint adventure as we explore both sides of the border that separates fiction and reality. As a writer, I understand that authors not only occasionally amplify their readers’ voices, but learn a great deal from them as well. That said, I’d love to see your valuable feedback in the blog comments. Make yourself at home and feel free to connect with me via the social networks listed below.

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