Chapter One – Return of the Pariah
Only death could grant her clemency from the torment. At least that’s what she figured as she was swept up by the exquisite ambiguity of fear and fury. It carried her with the centrifugal force of a dizzying carousel as she approached the crescendo of her despair. (Read more)

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Chapter Two – Intrusion
She and her parents were less than twenty feet from the entrance when the ground began vibrating slightly beneath her feet. It was an unbroken disruption that led Camile to wonder if it was a sign of an approaching earthquake. (Read More)

Chapter Three – Fractured
It was still relatively dark as they descended. The little light that entered the room was reflected by the convex mirror in the ceiling, casting an eerie glow upon the table beneath it. Upon closer inspection, Camile likened it to an altar as she slowly rounded it.
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