One Day Is Not Enough

The spirit of Valentine’s Day is a noble one. However, such an outpouring of love and affection should not be reserved for one day alone. Every day presents the opportunity to take the love we have within and spread it just as easily as we would any other emotion. The magic and wonder of it extends beyond the designated day of ceremonious romance filled with the dazzling adornment of gems, flowers and candy. Love and romance, though associated with the aforementioned, does not depend on the physical.

Love and romance are not governed by a set of rules that say you must act in accordance to a specific ritual to express them. When the commercialization of the day has been peeled away, we are reminded of something timeless–the presence of love itself. Love holds no set time for dashing away on an adventure into the land of dreams. It does not dictate when or how you should dance on a moonbeam to your heart’s content with the one you love, even if that person is yourself. Love operates on its own time, so it seems impractical to try to contain it within the confines of a single day. It is much too vast and powerful to remain restricted. And so, it is no wonder that we are sometimes inconvenienced when it spills out of the cell to which we’ve designated it, flooding weeks, months and years, interfering with our carefully laid out plans.

Love is not always convenient or easy. In fact, it can be downright scary when we find ourselves engulfed in the unpredictable grip of its tide. However, it is certainly always worth it since love has the remarkable ability to heal the spirit and unite the divided. To some, love seems elusive and unattainable. These illusions distract us from the truth–that everyone has the capacity to give and receive love. However, finding it seems challenging because it seamlessly camouflages itself within the unlikeliest of places in our lives.

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