A Gift

Each grain of sand in the hourglass counts as a blessing.
Every fork in the winding path of life is a gift of choice.
Yesterday is a finished chapter to be used to learn from past mistakes,
Tomorrow is another opportunity to get it right.
Today is a day to be grateful, for of the three days mentioned, it is the only one in which you can control the direction of your life’s journey.

And like the transition of the autumn leaves, tomorrow will blossom into today as today fades into yesterday. It is the perpetual cycle that carries us forward while presenting a fusion of contrasts that shape us into who we are. The obvious sometimes gets lost in the chaotic happenings of the everyday, yet, that doesn’t change the fact that there is much to be happy and grateful for; the gentle caress of the air that incites the trees to a languid sway, the surreal beautiful colors of the sun painting the sky at sunrise and sunset, the sound of your favorite song soothing your soul, a friendly hello from a long-lost friend, the warm comfort of family, the look in your lover’s eyes as they declare their undying affection, the infectious laughter of a child when they laugh at your jokes…

Yes, there is abundant wonder and possibility that reveals itself in the simple things when we look past our pursuit of perfection. Something so great can only be overshadowed if we fail to declare its existence.

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