Knife: Indian Summer

My husband Max recently completed his finest and most complex knife project to date. The initial concept was sketched out in September 2011 and the final touches were completed over this past weekend. All that’s left for him to do is to sharpen the blade and make the leather case. The custom designed Damascus steel blade was heat treated to bring out the intricate mosaic pattern. The handle is made from mammoth ivory and the circular accent is a semi-translucent mother of pearl. Truly an outstanding job! For half a year I watched this masterpiece take shape and was proud to provide some assistance along the way (albeit very little). I’m extremely proud of Max and all he’s accomplished! Well done, honey!


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2 Responses to Knife: Indian Summer

  1. Wow, looks really classy. Beautiful work. I should know, I come from the country of the Swiss army knife. LOL.
    Seriously, it looks great! Congratulations!

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