A Special Anniversary Message

Love has a way of finding us when we least expect it and when we need it most. It seeps into the fractured heart and reinforces it with hope, strength and joy. That has certainly been the case for me ever since I met my husband. Though the elapsed years have faded into the past at a dizzying pace, the memories we’ve built along with the bridge to the present remain as strong and vivid as ever.
Max, as I reflect on our progress, I see a mosaic of the obstacles we endured, the dried riverbeds of sorrow we traversed and the iridescent petals of joy that continue to blossom around us.  I also see the foundation we built to support and share each other’s dreams; dreams that will hopefully pave the way for a grand future. During the occasions when it seems the world’s originality has grown bleak and colorless, I take solace in the fact that we have found in each other a safe haven to nurture our creativity and imagination.

Since our wedding day three years ago, and our initial meeting twelve years prior to that joyous occasion, you’ve ignited my mind with curiosity, filled my heart with joy, helped me through loss and despair and made me feel at peace with being my unique, awkward self.

Thank you for accepting my strengths and weaknesses while encouraging me to become all I hope to be someday. So far, our relationship has taken us on a remarkable journey. I look forward to the adventures that await us in the years to come.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Max! I love you! <3

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