You Are Not Alone

You are not alone. Though the essence of our words are eventually digested, we are almost inevitably misunderstood as individuals. Initially, it seems our words go into the vacuum of space, never to see the light of day. Many may say they support and comprehend us in the midst of our struggle, but we can’t help but notice the lingering distance during our darkest hour. While in the depths of our creativity, there is an unshakeable loneliness that grips our spirit. Sometimes it seems as though we are banished from the rest of the world when in fact we’re just ahead of the tide. Visionaries are often the first to arrive at the banquet of curiosity and innovation.

There’s a saying, “It’s lonely at the top.” The same can be said of those who pave a way to a new understanding, broader creativity and alternative possibilities. Sometimes, loneliness is a price that a pioneer must pay. Still, my fellow word warriors, stand strong. Know that although many will reject or simply ignore your message, there are people waiting and thirsting to receive your talent. Remember this during those days and nights of solitude, when your eyes are red-rimmed from weariness and/or tears. Yes, I understand that at times the journey may seem unfair and downright unbearable, but keep in mind that the preservation of your message will in part grant immortality to at least part of your character. Write for yourself, it will preserve the spirit of your story. Edit for your readers, so that they can understand your message. Most importantly, celebrate the fact that you are brave enough to venture into territory many others find too daunting to dare.

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