TIME – This Instance Moves Endlessly

Time is a fickle creature, invisible by nature except for the mask of hours, minutes and seconds we place upon it. It is the musical tune of existence to which we all dance. It is our immortal ally, our cruel antagonist and neutral observer, measuring the peaks and troughs of our lives. This instance moves endlessly despite the many arrivals and departures that fill it. It propels us forward whether we’re ready or not. It is the one force we cannot cheat or evade. Despite how cruelly we treat each other, we are all nestled in the common bosom of time. Like us, it can be kind and sweet or bitterly ruthless and unforgiving. Time is an ever-morphing entity, the thread that weaves our actions into the fabric of history; a fabric in which future generations will wrap their hopes, dreams and expectations for the future. The quality of it depends on the decisions we make in the present, which is infinitely coiled around the vital strand that stretches far beyond our physical existence.

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