Important Announcement: Incorrect Info/NOOK files on

At present, there is NO NOOK edition of CAMILEON: Beyond The Veil! The item Barnes & Noble has listed on their website is actually the NOOK edition of my first novel, Camileon (published 2008). Additionally, the product description of CAMILEON: Beyond The Veil on the Barnes & Noble page is also incorrect since the site has somehow substituted the synopsis with that of Camileon. I’m working feverishly to resolve the issue, but since both books were produced by different publishers, that hasn’t been easy and B&N seems to be passing the buck. To purchase any of my books, I recommend Amazon, since the site has all my information listed correctly and the ebook files for both novels are also correct. I’ll post an update once this situation is resolved, but based on what I’ve been told, that could be up to two weeks from now.

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