Drift Away

For a moment, allow yourself to drift away; away from the hectic cacophony conducted by storytellers of doomsday propaganda. Drift away from the naysayers and doubters who seek to cage your hopeful ambition, and know that so as long as your heart beats, the plasma of possibility flows within your being.

There is abounding beauty beneath the concrete mask of negativity. The facade is heavy, but can be lifted with the power of your compassion and the openness of your mind. In doing so you’ll see that the mask is a shield of deception, designed to fool us into believing that there is no hope, no future, no love, no possibility of positive change. In truth, all these things exist in abundance, but have become a sort of hidden treasure buried beneath a sea of doubt.

Drift away from all that corrupts your inner voice, buried beneath the chaotic dictation of materialistic desire. Allow yourself to slowly touchdown, your feet once again planted firmly on the foundation of your soul. Remember what truly matters to you beyond any deadline, headline or inconvenience. Dive into the tranquil rivers of soothing self-exploration as you get reacquainted with your inner child. As you submerge and descend into the depths of uncertainty, don’t be surprised if your treasure is revealed. It may be challenging to seize, but upon your success you’ll find that it will help to propel you during your ascent. And as you break the watery surface, clutching your rewards, don’t be alarmed to find that you have been changed by the journey.

Take a moment to gaze into the celestial ceiling of your mind and see your dreams encrusted within it as plentiful as the stars. They were always there, but were obscured by hopelessness. Dare to capture one and bring it with you as you drift away once more, this time, back to the reality as you know it—as you knew it. For this time, with one of many dreams tucked carefully within your layered consciousness, you carry the possibility of its expansion. Keep it well and nurture it. And may it provide yet one more light desperately needed to illuminate a path so that others may be reunited with hope.

Best wishes in light and love,


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