Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I write about fictional heroes, but this post is dedicated to a very real and special woman who has always been, and still is, my number one heroine. This post is dedicated to you, Mom.

When you came into this world on this day (I won’t say how many years ago in case you’d prefer to keep it secret), you brought with you a vibrance that continues to touch, shape and save lives. Seeing all you have done, and continue to do, I understand that being a mother is by far the most demanding job on Earth. It’s a responsibility that you took on with great passion and devotion. I’ve never witnessed anyone weather the storms of motherhood quite as resiliently as you have. You have made many sacrifices in hopes of giving your children and grandchildren the best life possible. The challenges were numerous, but you faced them all with dignity and grace and remained strong when many others would have crumbled under the pressure. Your strength, endurance and wisdom fortifies my resolve whenever I feel I’m against impossible odds. The knowledge of everything you’ve overcome reminds me that all things are possible when you have faith. Reflecting on all that you have accomplished in your life, I know that I am a descendant of greatness.

Happy Birthday Mom! In the year ahead and all that follow, I wish you the very best of everything and more. Above all, I wish you much love, luck, serenity and abounding happiness. You more than deserve it!

Love always,

Kia <3

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One Response to Happy Birthday Mom!!!

  1. This is such a beautiful blog, Shykia. And what a very special gift to your mom.

    You are such an exceptional woman: talented, capable, compassionate, warm, principled, and intelligent — it’s no surprise that you have such a super role model.

    Happy Birthday, Shykia’s mom!


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