Reading Rainbow: The Next Generation

I came across this fascinating article featuring an interview in which LeVar Burton discussed his brilliant Reading Rainbow app, currently available for the iPad! I was a HUGE fan of the show growing up and it has had a positive influence in my life and many others. The launch of this wonderful app has healed the fracture that was created in my heart when I heard the sad news that the series had been cancelled a few years ago.

'Reading Rainbow' host LeVar Burton

Given the current state of America’s education system it’s becoming increasingly vital that our future generation take a more proactive approach in their education. Since the process of reading sparks the imagination and triggers the desire to explore the many vibrant facets of life, humanity and the world, the Reading Rainbow app is one of the most important apps I’ve seen unveiled in the digital age. The current boom in ebook popularity provides the perfect opportunity to harness children’s natural curiosity about the latest technology while effectively introducing them to the joys of reading and enhanced communication. In addition, the app incorporates videos with literature, creating an exciting interactive learning experience to further engage young readers.

Literacy and imagination are two vital elements I believe are essential in order to transform impressionable young children into well-rounded adults with a lasting zeal for exploring the world around them. The sooner these qualities are instilled in the young, the better. The Reading Rainbow television series accomplished all that and more in its original incarnation and I have no doubt that the app will continue to expand on that legacy.

The Reading Rainbow app is free to download on iTunes and there are two reasonably priced subscription options available. In my opinion, this app is more important than most, if not all, toys, games and videos currently on the market. My only hope is that it will soon be available for multiple digital platforms.

More information about the free Reading Rainbow app is available at

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