My Leap Day gift to you!

Hi Friends!

In honor of Leap Day, the Kindle edition of my sci-fi/fantasy novel, CAMILEON: Beyond The Veil, is now available FREE on Amazon through midnight tomorrow, March 1st!

Click here to snag your copy.

Here’s a brief description:

“Follow your heart, but allow your mind to refine your path.”

This is the mantra Camile Leon must live by as she explores a civilization beyond the one she’s grown accustomed to. As she trains to steer a pending war that will affect her native and adopted homelands, she comes to the unsettling realization that her own mind is often unfamiliar territory. The heart and mind are said to be one’s moral compass, yet the unfamiliar thoughts and dreams Camile experiences make her wonder where they are leading her. The answer not only threatens to shatter her world, but also the lives of everyone around her.

The official synopsis:

Seeing beyond the veil means seeing beyond what logic dictates and what others believe.

As Camile Leon becomes engulfed in the mysteries on the other side of the veil, she learns the astounding truth of its significance to the world’s vitality. Furthermore, she comes closer to understanding her pending role in steering upcoming events to either elevate or destroy humanity as she knows it. As time elapses, the woman in the mirror becomes tinted with a disturbing haze of unfamiliarity. The recent emergence of abdominal scars trigger memories of a past littered with deceit, abuse, seduction and betrayal. This leads Camile to question not only whether she can trust the people appointed to train and assist her, but also her own moral fiber. Doubt is sometimes a paralyzing force, but in Camile’s case, it could result in a cataclysmic chain reaction…

…with humanity in its path.

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