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The Quest For Originality: Motivation for Writers and Artists

  There are no new ideas in the world of writing. Everything has already been done and redone. Now what?! I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. Honestly, I’ve sometimes felt this way myself and wondered how could one achieve … Continue reading

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Book Review: My Way to Anywhere by Jean Lisette Brodey

My Way To Anywhere is a brilliant collection of poems written during a time unrushed by the madness of modern technology. It wasn’t written by a woman in pursuit of fast fame, but by Dr. Jean Lisette Brodey, a woman … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

  UPDATE: Unfortunately, the author that was to be tagged in this post had to cancel due to other responsibilities. I was honored to receive a message from Martin Crosbie inviting me to participate in The Next Big Thing Blog … Continue reading

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Reserve That Can of Whoop Ass

  Last week I read an article in the Huffington Post about an author who went WWE on the literary agent who had rejected him. Thankfully, the agent’s loyal dog came to her rescue. Still, the situation has reminded me just how … Continue reading

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Brain Child

You lurk behind closed eyes, a vibrant force of creativity. Come forth and roam free, my brain child,   Don’t let my boundaries become your prison. Revel in the vast space of your unrestricted playground. Slide leisurely through my synapses, igniting … Continue reading

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