Great news for Kindle readers!

For a limited time, you can read CAMILEON: Beyond The Veil on your Kindle for just 99 CENTS!  From now until February 9th, you can begin the adrenaline-inducing journey of a torn woman with an ominous past that threatens more than one civilization. A story of this magnitude is sure to linger with you long after you complete it.

People in my inner circle think I’m crazy for working my tail off for nearly four years and pricing my work at under a dollar, even if it’s only temporary. I guess they have a point since typically when people work, they’d like to get paid for their skills and services, not to mention overtime. Hopefully, you’ll accept my humble invitation to join the world I’ve built for your exploration and amazement. I’d like to think that when you finish the journey you’ll think to yourself:“Shykia’s people are right, she really IS crazy for pricing her work so low, but I’m glad she did!”

As I write this, I’m beginning to wonder about this pricing thing. Might be a good idea to take advantage of this deal as soon as possible. You never know when I’ll come back to my senses. 😉

Click here to download your copy today!


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