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The atrocity in Orlando, Florida has brought forth a question that frequently arises each time evil rears its ugly head. I’ve addressed it in some of my fiction and poetry, but I’m writing it straight out in case it may … Continue reading

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Book Review: Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! by Lisette Brodey

 Reporter Molly Hacker prefers to write obituaries rather than report on the overwhelming minutiae of high society weddings. It’s only a temporary project she takes on in conjunction with her usual reporting assignments, but it facilitates the beginning of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I write about fictional heroes, but this post is dedicated to a very real and special woman who has always been, and still is, my number one heroine. This post is dedicated to you, Mom. When you came into this … Continue reading

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A Special Anniversary Message

Love has a way of finding us when we least expect it and when we need it most. It seeps into the fractured heart and reinforces it with hope, strength and joy. That has certainly been the case for me … Continue reading

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There’s No Telling When You’ll Fall

The heart isn’t sentient. It’s merely an organ that works 24/7, fueling the body with plasma, unaware that the mind superimposes idealistic fantasies of a thing called love upon it. Love. Some revel in its intoxicating delusion, forsaking all logic … Continue reading

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I originally wrote this for my blogger account in February 2010. I believe it still applies. The spirit of Valentine’s Day is a noble one. However, such an outpouring of love and affection should not be reserved for one day … Continue reading

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