Brief Update & A Great Review

My schedule has been pretty hectic lately, but I’m finally getting back to planning, plotting and researching for my 3rd and 4th novels. I’ve already accumilated over 100 pages of notes and scenes and I look forward to getting everything finalized so I can begin the writing process with full force.

Meanwhile, I just received this fantastic review of CAMILEON: Beyond The Veil:

“This deviates a bit from my preferred genre. However, I was gifted this book by being chosen as a GoodReads contest winner. I will never turn down a book handed to me. That being said, I just finished reading this book and I was pondering how I would review this book as I descended the stairs to go enjoy a cigarette. One word came to mind.. “Genius!” The author of this book is so well-rounded. I feel as if I’ve built a close relationship with each character in her cleverly-written story. I even find myself pondering the good that may have been found had the “antagonist” lived in different circumstances. This book is a treasure that can easily tease the mind into considering our own coexistent world. I completely adore what Mrs. Shykia Bell was able to paint with her literary brush!” ~Johnathan (via GoodReads)

If you haven’t already done so, you can grab your copy of CAMILEON: Beyond The Veil at Amazon.

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